An organization started in 2003 by Nepali university students to promote greater awareness and activity amongst young people in addressing the pressing social and political situation in Nepal.
Based in Kathmandu.
Number of volunteers required?
Other requirements?
It is crucial the volunteer has an active interest in political and social activism and human rights work. Particularly useful are skills in IT and digital film-making. In addition, help with fundraising and obtaining office equipment would be very useful.
Safe, affordable accommodation will be provided by the organization. The volunteer will be expected to pay for this.
Minimum length of stay?
Six months, begining in the autumn.
Volunteer tasks?
Social activism; human rights awareness training and campaigning; IT support; film-making; web-site amintenance; fund-raising; procurement of office equipment; networking with like-minded and supportive organisations internationally; report writing, data collection and analysis ans similar administrative tasks.
YOAC was founded in 2003 by a group of university students. It organizes peace, conflict resolution, and human rights conferences and publicizes isues amongst university students in Kathmandu. Its membership is entirely young people between the ages of 18 and the late 20s.
Current volunteers?
Former volunteers?
Tom Canning, Israel / Ireland, LPCUWC 04-06 (