A self-sustaining community organisation based around a Buddhist temple and its priests.


Santisuk District, Naan Province, northern Thailand near the border with Laos, 30 to 40 kilometers from Naan city.

Number of volunteers required?

One or two.

Other requirements?

Ability to live in a quiet, rural community (although there are other volunteers around 25km away). Commitment to learning about village life in rural Thailand, and to becoming a member of the community for the duration of your stay.


Accommodation provided at low cost either with a local family, at the temple or perhaps with a teacher from the local school.

Minimum length of stay?

Six months.

Volunteer tasks? Teaching children and teenagers and participating in other activities with the community, especially those involving youth; learning about the culture of northern Thailand, about sustainability at village level, about forest management, and also about Buddhism, if interested.


The community leader is a monk named Pra-Ajarn Somkid. He leads the community in taking care of forest resources and preserving its culture and tradition, with particular emphasis on weaving and dyeing. While crime and drug addiction have become problems in similar communities, they are absent from Wat Pong-Kam. The community also has its own bank. The community is very proud of its ability to sustain itself and keep people from migrating to cities.

Current volunteers?



Previous volunteers?

2007-2008: Yu Shan Tay, Malaysia, RCNUWC 05-07 (tayyushan@gmail.com)

2006-2007: Anna Manzano, Italy, LPCUWC 2006 (anna.manzano@gmx.at)

2005-2006: Mariana Lima, Brazil, Adriatic 2005 (mariana.lima@uwcad.it)
Brooks Cato, USA, U.S. UWC 2004 (brux_cato@yahoo.com)