Villages set up to provide housing, upbringing and education to 15,000 refugee Tibetan children in India.


Dharamsala, India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh to the north, in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Number of volunteers required?

The following information is taken from the TCV official website:

There are many friends who get to know the work of TCV and become interested in volunteer work. We receive so many volunteer applications and therefore it is impossible to accommodate all these applicants. While we do appreciate and thank every offer of help, our general policy on volunteer work is based on the following: Volunteers are taken only if there is a need for it in TCV. Generally we have enough regular staff and additional requirement is not much. If there is any need, there will be more in specific field of specialization and can commit for a longer duration of stay with minimum of six months

It is difficult to oblige volunteers wishing to come only for a short duration when the school academic session is on. This is more of a disruption to the classes/session with people coming and leaving in between.

Considerations to Tibetans born/living/studying abroad having not much knowledge about Tibetan language/culture and having keen interest to come to TCV to learn is given on request depending on the applicants commitment, our conditions and availability of accommodation. We have only limited accommodation within the campus and volunteers may need to stay outside the campus if commitments made.

Other requirements?

Willingness to commit for at least six months. A professional approach to volunteering, given all that is stated above.


Help finding accommodation may be given. A chance to volunteer with a well-established organisation (in operation now for more than 45 years) in a professional and well-structured setting.

Minimum length of stay?

Six months.

Volunteer tasks?

Teaching, especially English, possibly Mathematics. Organising extracurricular and sporting activities. Child care duties. General household and other duties. Flexibility to needs is a pre-requisite for applying as a TCV volunteer.


Read about the history, Mission and achievements of the Tibetan Children’s Villages on their website (see Organizations links in right-hand panel).

Current volunteers?


Former volunteers?

2005-2006: Adriana Parrella, Italy, RCNUWC 2000 (
2005: Georgia Sandberg Moustogianni, Sweden (
2004: Ben Robinson, Zimbabwe, RCNUWC 2002 (
Maarten Hillebrandt, Netherlands, RCNUWC 2003 (
Victor Llanque Zonta, Bolivia, RCNUWC 2003 (
2003-2004: Sofia Vester, Germany, RCNUWC 2002 (
2003: Pavel Machalek, Czech Republic (
2002-2003: Atoyama Akari, Japan, RCNUWC 2002 (
Ingri Amundsen, Norway, RCNUWC 2002 (

Brian Kern, USA, former RCNUWC staff member