Sustainable Cambodia has its own extremely detailed web site, including information about volunteering. See the Link on the right hand side of this page.

UWC applications should be sent to the RCNUWC Volunteer Programme Coordinator, rather than directly to Sustainable Cambodia. See the Contact page to the right.


A community based NGO working with the people of Pursat to provide education and make the community more self-reliant.


Osdao, a rural community in Pursat province, Cambodia, about four hours north of Phnom Penh, the capital.

Number of volunteers required?

Varies – see the Sustainable Cambodia website.

Other requirements?

Willingness to live in basic accommodation and to learn the language, Khmer; ability to contribute to the work with little supervision; self-motivation and an ability to take initiatives; interests in education and village and community development.Volunteers must pay for own food and accommodation – reckon on US$150 minimum per month.


The chance to contribute to the work of an organisation that channels 100% of its income into its work. The chance to learn Khmer. Opportunites to explore the local region at weekends.

Minimum length of stay?

Three to six months, the longer the better.

Volunteer tasks?

Refer to Sustainable Cambodia website for different possibilities. Teaching English, basic computer skills and handicrafts; working with the local community to find sustainable economic opportunities within the village; skills and interest in theater, art, dance and music also valuable.


Established in 2001 by Sustainable Cambodia, an organization with the mission of helping the village of Osdao to become a self-sustaining community, Lasky School provides education, books, clothes, school supplies, bicycles and English classes to approximately 100 children from 46 families in the surrounding community. Many of the families are also provided with monthly food supplements, helping them break the cycle of need that keeps their children working in the fields rather than learning new skills in school and applying knowledge that can help their community develop.

Volunteer testimony:

My Experience

From January – May 2012 I volunteered together with my co-years Rubez Chong (Singapore) and Agnes Hammarlund (Sweden). My work included assisting and running English classes, editing reports and writing student bios, help preparing students applying for UWC, starting creative classes with the other volunteers and assisting a pre-school in a small village. From all these different responsibilities I learned and developed massively. I started being more innovative in the process of finding new ways for my students to learn, I began understanding how to communicate outside the box of linguistic normalities and I most importantly developed an understanding of the Cambodian mindset. My eyes simply opened to the reality I was surrounded by. Never have I experienced a people so fundamentally beautiful. You will see people smiling through their day only to explore their mourning past and their still strong belief and appreciative attitude towards life. These people became my friends and I got to comprehend their past, laugh with them in the present and hopefully help them with their future. At the least I could encourage them to keep on dreaming. When my preschoolers sniffed my cheek (their way of kissing), held my hand and said something in Khmer I had no chance of understanding, it gave me hopes that my simple presence would influence them whenever they would start learning English.

It is all those small things, and being in a community built by small precious events, this is an experience that has influenced me infinitely. ~ Cecilie Noer Rasmussen

Start date?

Variable – see website for more information.

Current volunteers?


Former volunteers?


Rubez Chong Lu Ming (Singapore UWCRCN 09-11) (

Agnes Hammarlund (Sweden UWCRCN 09-11) (

Cecilie Rasmussen (Denmark UWCRCN 09-11) (


Øyvind Bjornerud Mo, Norway, RCNUWC 04-06 (

Thea Beck Syversen, Norway, RCNUWC 04-06 (

2005-2006: Neil Davis, U.K., RCNUWC 2001 (
Pattamon Rungchavalnont, Thailand, Adriatic 2005 (

2004-2005: Elias Vartio, Finland, Hong Kong UWC (
Horacio Diaz Adda, Uruguay, RCNUWC 2003 (
Yauheni Hladki, Belarus, RCNUWC 2002 (