The Anglican Church of Ethiopia is building a Community Centre in the town of Gambella. The Centre will provide a tutorial facility for children and youths, a canteen, toilet and shower facilities, Income Generation Sheds, basic accommodation for visitors, a library, a church and two priests houses. Currently, much of this is still under construction.


The centre is located on the eastern edge of Gambella town. Gambella is 750km west-south-west from Addis Ababa by road or 90 minutes by plane.

Number of volunteers required?

Open.  It is felt a pair or group of volunteers would function well together.

Other requirements?

A desire for hard work in high temperatures! There are many possible roles for volunteers at this project. No particular skills are required, but practical skills such as woodworking or basic building skills would be helpful. Volunteers who can take the initiative, who are self-starters will fit in well. Although this is a church project, there is no expectation that the volunteers need be Christian of any denomination.


Volunteers will have the chance to become involved in a grass-roots community project founded on the principles of development intervention. A resident social anthropologist will look after the volunteers and involve them in many different ways with the local community. It is likely the volunteers will learn as much about the local community as about themselves as they ‘help’ the locals. This is the start of a long-term process of community intervention. Food will be provided by the project but volunteers will cover the costs of accommodation, water and travel.

Minimum length of stay?

This is flexible. The first group of volunteers (see below) stayed 3 weeks in Gambella. Longer term commitments are both possible and likely to be more rewarding to both parties.

Volunteer Tasks?

Anything from general labouring (digging latrines, mixing cement, clearing bushes and trees, erecting fencing, painting, making Stabilised Soil Blocks and Fibre Roof tiles) to tutoring, organising sporting activities, participating in discussion groups with community members, organising activities for street kids, running cookery classes, interacting with other groups based in Gambella and so on.


The project is essentially in two phases: the building and construction of the facilities, followed by the use of them by the local community. the two local tribes, the Anuak and the Nuer, are being encouraged to cooperate more after many year of antagonism. One of the purposes of the centre is to provide various fora where this can occur. Most of the building costs have been raised internationally. the building project is managed by an Addis Ababa based firm of engineers. The local manager of the project for the Anglican Church is committed to three years’ stay. Anyone interested in this project is strongly encouraged to contact any of the people named below for their impressions and experiences at the project.

Current volunteers?


Former volunteers?

Ezequiel Jimenez RCNUWC (07-09), Argentina (

Jens Møller RCNUWC (07-09), Greenland (

Ingunn Kristjansdottir RCNUWC (08-10) Iceland (

Dona Pursall RCNUWC Staff, UK (

Pete Wilson RCNUWC Staff, UK / Norway (