A group of schools in Phattalung Province that works closely with the Strong Family Promotion Programme (see Gaab-Choung).
Phattalung province is in southern Thailand, just north of Songkhla on the map, bordering the Gulf of Thailand.
Number of volunteers required?
Other requirements?
An interest in education in its broadest sense. Willingness to provide input in the classroom and also in the school’s extra-curricular programmes. Desire / interest to learn about southern Thai culture, including herbal medicine, local economy models, farming, language and other apects of culture.
Accommodation will be provided locally, probably with host families, and will be organised by the local coordinator. Volunteers will contribute to costs. Opportunities to participate in local activities, ceremonies and festivals.
Minimum length of stay?
Six months or longer prefered.
Volunteer tasks?
Mostly related to education, particularly teaching English, providing input into extracurricular programmes – arts and crafts, sports, theatre, music and / or other skills would be very welcome.
A group of schools in Phattalung Province have come together to promote local, indigenous knowledge and ways of life. The coordinator of the project is the headteacher of one of these schools (and would also be responsible for the volunteers). They are very keen on preserving southern Thai culture, farming methods (traditional ‘paddy’), sustainable development and an ‘enough is enough’ based economy. In return for teaching, volunteers will be provided with their own opportunities to learn about these.
Current volunteers?
Former volunteers?