Mil Solidarios is a young Paraguayan foundation that works for the inclusion of economically disadvantaged teenagers into the educational system. Part of this education involves the beneficiaries’ participation in local communities through different projects. This organization searches for resources to give scholarships to students living in impoverished zones of Asuncion. They have a common place which serves as office, dining hall and a school for tutorials to the students on scholarship.


A marginal zone of Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay.

Number of volunteers required?


Other requirements?

What the volunteers will need:

1. To cover their travel costs and medical insurances.
2. To bring pocket money to contribute to the expenses of room and board with the host family. This will be a relative amount but not exceeding the amount of $50 a month. It is advisable that volunteers bring extensive credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard instead of cash.
3. A serious commitment to work for the organization Mil Solidarios as a team and to complete the period expected.
4. A basic Spanish will be very helpful, however, once the volunteer arrives he will need to practice Guarani with the local people. Guarani is the official language (besides Spanish) most spoken.


What the organization offers to the volunteer:

1. A host family where the volunteer will live for a period of between 6-12 months.
2. A shared office with the company of other international and local volunteers.
3. Professionals to help them in the adaptation to the country and/or
any inconvenience the volunteer may encounter on his/her way.

Minimum length of stay?

Six months to one year. The calendar will be divided form February to July and from July to December. So, volunteers can start either on February or July.

Volunteer tasks?

Volunteer are needed for:
1. Leading tutorial classes in English, Maths, Spanish and/or Computer Science.
2. To be involved with the activities of the community in which they will be living.
3. Running recreational/sporting activities for teenagers on some weekends.
4. They will also have the opportunity to assist grass roots organizations working on issues to do with women, health, political participation and so forth.
5. There are also three to four summer/winter camps with kids (10-15 years old) during the year that the volunteer might be asked to help organize.


The person responsible in Paraguay is father Oliva (or Padre Oliva). You can find more info about him at ( He is a Jesuit priest (in 2001, he was nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize)
who leads -together with a group of laymen- an organization called “Mil Solidarios” (Thousand Supporters would be the translation). He doesn’t speak English, but you can contact Mario Villalba ( a RCNUWC 2006 graduate, for extra information in English.

Current volunteers?

None from the UWC programme.

Former volunteers?

None from the UWC programme.