How do I apply and what happens then?

General points

The RCNUWC Volunteer Programme is open to current students at RCNUWC, former students of RCNUWC, and current and former students of the other UWCs.

There are no general requirements for participation. However, individual organizations may have specific requests from year to year (see the Host Organizations page for more information).

All applicants should be:

  • mature
  • reliable
  • responsible
  • able and willing to adapt to new situations, settings and cultures
  • committed
  • able and willing to work hard

The schedule

Every year opportunities arise and are made public. Applications are accepted at any time of the year, but the main period of recruitment is between November and February. This is in response to requests from the host organizations, to accommodate the need for selected applicants to have time to prepapre themselves, and to the working calendars of organizations.

Most applicantions should be submitted before the end of January.

If you are seriously interested you should

  • contact the Volunteer Programme Coordinator about the organizations you are particularly interested in
  • gather as much information as you can from all the sources previously mentioned
  • discuss your plans with your family, friends, and other interested or concerned parties
  • start to consider finances – how will you pay for your volunteership? how long will it take to earn the money? will you be able to borrow the money?

How to apply

Submit an application by either email or snailmail to the Volunteer Programme Coordinator (see Contact details) which should include:

  • a cover letter, explaining why you wish to volunteer at the particular organization you have chosen and what you think you have to offer; the letter should be addressed directly to the organization, should be no longer than one page in length and should clearly state when you could start and for how long you can stay
  • a CV (Curriculum Vitae) giving details of your education, work experiences, previous voluntary or service experience; this should be concise and easy to scan
  • contact details of two referees; preferably this should be UWC staff who know you will and have seen you at work in different situations beyond the merely academic

After your application is received, you may have an interview (either face-to-face, by telephone, MSN or similar) which will usually take place in February to March.

If you pass that stage you will be asked to sign the Volunteer Placement Letter of Intent. By completing and returning this Letter, you are stating your clear commitment to volunteering. Until this Letter is received, RCNUWC will not forward your application. The success of the Volunteer Programme depends on relationships of trust and confidence with the host organizations.

Organizations make final decisions on whether to accept applicants. There is no guarantee you will be selected simply by applying.

If you are at all unsure about whether to apply – don’t. Once your application has been forwarded to the organization and you have been accepted, it is painful and time consuming and wasteful of resources to suddenly decide this is not something you wish to do after all. It may also result in an organziation ending up with no one.












The Centre for Children’s Happiness, Cambodia