A community-based support organisation linking NGOs and GOs together.


Northern Thailand, north-east of Chiang Mai.

Number of volunteers required?

One or two.

Other requirements?

Flexibility – the volunteer(s) may find themselves being asked to take on various tasks. Willingness to learn about local tribal peoples and their cultures. Willingness to experience rural living conditions.


HADF works in a number of areas: Environmental Conservation; Gender and Development; Prevention and Control of Drug Abuse; AIDS Prevention and Awareness; Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation; Networking. Volunteers can have the opportunity to acquire experience and develop skills in a number of different working areas.

Minimum length of stay?

Six months prefered.

Volunteer tasks?

Varied. As befits an organisation working in a number of related fields to do with community development, sustainability and self-reliance, there is much to be done. Volunteers will need to be flexible, tolerant, adaptable and willing to put their efforts in where HADF sees them as being most needed.


The Hill Area and Community Development Foundation (HADF) was founded in 1986 as a support mechanism to assist Hill Tribes in dealing with problems ranging from environmental management to social development. HADF for most of the 15 years which have passed, has worked with Hill Tribe people in 27 Akha, Lahu, Lisu and Mien villages in the watershed area of the Mae Chan and Mae Salong rivers on the Thai-Burma border. Of recent years HADF have worked in advocacy and policy at the Provincial and National levels. This has increased the Foundations awareness of issues such as the extent of natural resource and watershed degradation which effect the Province as a whole rather than solely Hill Tribe people, as well as developing an extensive network of NGO’s and GO’s throughout the Province. Funding support is provided through such agencies as Bread for the World, Terres de Hommes, the Population and Community Development Association, European Union, ACCU, UNDCP, PLAN International, ECPAT-Taksvarkki and AusAID.The Hill Area and Community Development Foundation (HADF) was founded by a group of field workers who had been closely involved with the hill people for over ten years, government officials from the Public Welfare and Non-Formal Education Departments, and concerned academics. HADF staff, male and female, hill tribe and ethnic Thai live and work alongside the villagers, learning their languages and cultures, experiencing firsthand their problems, needs and strengths and facilitating development activities which are determined by the people themselves.The vision of HADF is to improve the quality of life of the people of Chiang Rai and empower them to conserve the nature and the environment in which they live. The introduction of sustainable agriculture and nature conservation both in the highlands and lowlands is seen as of importance as people have an impact on the environment, at all levels, the villagers, the community, Provincial, Regional and Country levels. Of significance is increasing the awareness and knowledge of all the community, in particular community leaders, women and youth, empowering and strengthening community organisations and networking between the villagers, NGO’s and Government officials at Tambon, district and provincial levels.

(Information taken from www.hadf.org)

Current volunteers?


Former volunteers?

2007-2008: Wojciech Musial, Poland, Adriatic 2005-2007 (wojciech.musial@gmail.com)

2006-2007: David Johnson, Norway, RCNUWC 04-06 (davurnjoh@hotmail.com)