A community organisation – one of several in different provinces around Thailand – working to promote culture, women’s interests, health and education for the community itself.
The community is situated in Surin Province, in eastern Thailand, bordering Cambodia (roughly where the final ‘K’ in Bangkok is on the map).
Number of volunteers required?
Other requirements?
Flexibility, as there are numerous different possibilities for work volunteers could become involved with.
The opportunity to work with a community that is an interesting mix of ethnic Thai and Khmer peoples. Gaab-Choung is also a highly thougt of member of the Krob-Kroua Keng Kam Programme (The Strong Family Programme). The coordinators in this area are teachers and health-care workers. Accommodation will be organised by the community, and could be with host families, enabling volunteers to learn Thai or Khmer, for example, as well as being exposed to and participating in everyday life in a truly mixed community.
Minimum length of stay?
As volunteers will be teaching at least part of the time, a minimum of six months is prefered,from September if possible.
Volunteer tasks?
The community has many interesting activities such as environment-awareness camps and has been focusing on health care issues, women’s rights and issues and cultural preservation. Volunteers would have the opportunity to particpate in these activities as well as teaching English in the local school(s).
See sections above.
Current volunteers?
Former volunteers?