A rural, KG to Grade 10 school.

Bali, Rajasthan, India

Number of volunteers required?
3, preferably of same sex for reasons of accommodation, but some flexibility

Other requirements?
A willingness to commit fully to the life of the school. Extra-academic skills very welcome.

Accommodation provided in a dormitory in the town of Bali, several kilometres from the school.

Minimum length of stay?
Six months, September onwards.

Volunteer tasks?
Teaching English, working with young children, tutoring older children, assisting teachers, involvement in extracurricular activities.

Fabindia was started in the mid-nineties to provide quality education in a drought-prone rural area of Rajasthan. It has approximately 200 children in pre-school through grade 10. Its particular purposes are 1) to keep girls in school in an area where the average length of a girl’s education is 1-2 years, 2) to enroll children of local tribal people in school, and 3) to provide one of the few places in the local area where children of different castes interact on an equal basis. The area is culturally and environmentally very interesting, and Fabindia has a record of being very welcoming towards foreign volunteers.

Current Volunteers?


Former Volunteers?


Sarah Melton (Canada; UWCRCN 09-11) nc09smel@uwc.net

Brenden Kunimoto (Canada)

Blog: http://hindoom.blogspot.com/

Marcela Tripoli (Brazil; UWCAd 09-11) mati_tomati@hotmail.com


Dea Busk Larsen (Denmark; RCNUWC 08-10) deabusk@hotmail.com

Louise Krogh Randers (Denmark) louise-randers-dk@hotmail.com


Marketa Doubnerova, Czech Republic, RCNUWC 06-08 (markaetta@gmail.com)

Ida Sofie Nitter, Norway, RCNUWC 06-08 (idasofie_nitter@hotmail.com)

Liv Forman, Denmark, RCNUWC 2006 (livforman@gmail.com)
Sanna Ojenpera, Finland, RCNUWC 2006 (sanna.ojenpera@gmail.com)
Airiin Lehtmets, Estonia, RCNUWC 2006 (airiin.lehtmets@gmail.com)

Joanna Mitterhofer, Italy, Adriatic 2005 (johannamitterhofer@hotmail.com)
Karin Magnusson, Sweden (kmagnusson@Macalester.edu, kolle_@hotmail.com)
Rachael O’Rourke, Ireland/U.K., Atlantic (r_o_rourke@uwc.net)

Alice Speri, Italy, U.S. UWC 2004 (alice.cinema@virgilio.it)
David Humphreys, Australia, RCNUWC 2004 (david.humphreys@uwc.net)
Jeanette Pedersen, Denmark, RCNUWC 2004 (jsp1@sfu.ca)

Marlene Shafers, Germany, RCNUWC 2003 (mayya@gmx.net)
Sara Johansson, Sweden, RCNUWC 2003 (sa_so_jo@hotmail.com)
Vanessa Redditt, Canada, RCNUWC 2003 (vreditt@gmail.com)