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A children’s orphanage.


The town of Rio Dulce, eastern Guatemela.

Number of volunteers required?


Other requirements?

Basic knowledge of Spanish. Minimum age for volunteers is 24.


The Casa provides good quality accommodation, for which payment is required (minimum $180). There are always other volunteers from other countries working at the Casa.

Minimum length of stay?

Three months, but longer stays are prefered.

Volunteer tasks?

Volunteers are an essential part of Casa Guatemala’s workforce. They do a wide variety of jobs, depending on their skills: most unskilled volunteers work as English teahcers or in the kindergarten, but only those who stay fro longer periods get to work closely with the children to provide some continuity; the Casa also runs a hotel and a farm where volunteers help.


Casa Guatemala is an orphanage that provides homes, health care and education to over 250 children. These children come from a variety of backgrounds – some have been abandoned, some have been abused, still others have come from families too poor even to provide the basic needs of their children. The Casa’s main site is on the banks of the Rio Dulce, but it also runs a clinic, an infant’s home and a home for older girls in Guatemala City.

Current volunteers?


Former volunteers?

2005-2006: Yfat Barak (RCNUWC 00-02)