(Kites) is a civil Association founded by professionals in the area of Communication, whose main objective is to instil a positive attitude towards working habits, fostering solidarity, and promoting active citizenship among street children and their families living under extreme poverty and/or enduring social exclusion. Barriletes issues a monthly magazine / street paper whose production is the result of collective work, and its sale an alternative source of income for the participants. The organization is a path to other opportunities, for it motivates and leads all its members into educational, cultural, and recreational activities.
As an organization of the civil society, Barriletes strives to exert its influence on public policies towards the generation of genuine work, the promotion and respect of The Universal Rights of Children and Adolescents, and the construction of a democratic society with social justice, cooperation and solidarity among all.


In Parana, Argentina
(6-hour drive from Buenos Aires)

Number of Volunteers required:

5 (five)

Volunteers’ Tasks:

For the area of Communication (1) :
Volunteer joins the Communication-Workshop and assists the team in the production of contents for the magazine, writing/editing articles, suggesting possible graphic designs, and doing/monitoring the photographic production. 10 hours per week.

For the Area of Social Work: (2):
Volunteers join the staff of social-workers and street-agents to visit the children and their families, listen to their inquiries, spark their participation in beneficial activities other than the magazine, help them arrange timetables for the activities undertaken, coordinate collective conversational exchanges and support their development as contributing members of society. 10 hours per week.

For the Area of Education and Expression (2):
Volunteers must join the staff of communicators, educators and social promoters who coordinate different workshops (oral expression, computers, reading); helping them recruit members, organize activities, carry on recreational and cultural activities, as well as mentoring the youngsters in the acquisition of skills in the different fields of expression. 10 hours per week.


Volunteers must cover the costs of travel to and from Parana, visa, health insurance and dining.


-When activities entail moving from one place to another Barriletes provides transport and food.
-Subject to internal organization, all facilities (buildings, computers, telephone, etc.) are at volunteers’ disposal.
-Since Barriletes is part of a University project meant to spur solidarity among local organizations, volunteers can rotate, or work alternatively with other projects.

Visiting Montevideo, Uruguay during the summer Dec./Feb. is also possible if willing to work with ACSUN, (Asociacion Cultural y Social Uruguay Negro) a civil association aimed at protecting afro-descendant children.
-A 2-month course of Spanish as a Second Language is available at the local University free of charge.

Minimum length of stay?

Six months


Early applicants may enjoy the benefits of free accommodation and/or dining at institutional buildings or host families depending on availability. Otherwise, rented houses can be shared with university students at a reasonably low cost.

Start date

Any time of the year, preferably August to September.

Current volunteers?



Former Volunteers?

Rochelle Wagner, Canada, RCNUWC 05-07 (