Welcome to the UWCRCN Volunteer Programme.

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  • how to apply to be a volunteer;
  • the terms and conditions of volunteering at the various organizations;
  • links to external sites offering advice on travel, health and related issues.

I hope to add updated information to these pages as often as necessary, so if what you want to know is not here now, it should be later – so keep checking back! Alternatively, if you have specific questions already, send me an email. You’ll find my details on the Contact page.

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Peter Wilson

Laayoune camp pic
Left to right: Max Martensson (RCNUWC 03-05), Mads Frederiksen (RCNUWC 03-05), Omar Mansour (Mayor of Laayoune Camp), Peter Wilson (RCNUWC Programme Coordinator) and Alissa Hitzemann (MUWCI 03-05) Laayoune Saharawi Refugee Camp, August 2005
Check out the links with these organisations: New Hope Volunteers; World Volunteer; Shanti Bhavan; ARCAS Wildlife Protection Programme; Dandelion School; Heibei Experimental School; and Laski Educational Centre – all of which are recent additions to the programme. – Updated October 2012 by Pete